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Basic Electronics Training

SEEE is organizing Basic Electronics Training for First Year Students on following date and time.
Date: 10th & 11th August 2022
Time: 4PM onwards
Venue: Room No. 203, Block 08
Students are requested to bring laptop for simulation.

Wednesday, 10th August

  1. Introduction & Overview of Workshop

  2. Introduction to Basic Electronic Components

(Breadboard, Resistor, Potentiometer, Capacitor, Diode, Wire, Multimeter, LED, LDR)

  1. LED

  2. Making of LED Connection Circuit

  3. Making of Control Brightness of LED Circuit

  4. Making of LDR Connection To Detect The Light

  5. How to Use Multimeter

  6. Introduction to Proteus

  7. Design of Above Circuits in Proteus

Thursday, 11th August

  1. Summary Of Day 1

  2. Introduction to Another Basic Electronic Components

(Transistors, MOSFETs, Relay, Logic Gates, Op-Amps & Comparators)

  1. Motors

    1. DC Motor

    2. Servo Motor

    3. Stepper Motor

  2. Sensors and Modules

    1. IR Sensor

    2. Ultrasonic Sensor

    3. RF Module

  3. Microcontroller

  4. Making of Transistor as Switch Circuit

  5. Making of Basic MOSFET Circuit

  6. Making of Basic Op-Amp Circuit

  7. How to Select Suitable Academic Project

  8. How to Write Proposal & Report

All necessary components and tools will be provided by SEEE. There shall be one trainer (for each group of four members). Slides and necessary resources will be mailed.
For any queries,
Contact 9803367944

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