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Empowering Minds: Software Community’s Two-Day API Development & React JS Fundamentals Training

In a dynamic two-day training program, the Software Community of the School of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (SEEE) at Kathmandu University recently hosted the API Development & React JS Fundamentals Training. This engaging event, under the adept leadership of Mr. Siddhartha Ghimire and the SEEE Software Community, received a warm reception and glowing feedback from all participants.

Day 1: A Remarkable Beginning The journey kicked off on the first day, as participants delved into the world of React JS. This hands-on session provided a strong foundation in web development, with Mr. Siddhartha Ghimire leading the way. Excitement buzzed as attendees absorbed the basics and started creating captivating web applications. The highlight of Day 1 was the unveiling of an upcoming session on building RESTful APIs and testing it out with IoT integration, generating eager anticipation among the participants.

Day 2: A Thrilling Conclusion Day 2 marked the grand finale of the API Development & React JS Fundamentals Training. It was a day filled with practical learning, collaboration, and a profound sense of achievement. Participants learned the ins and outs of API development along with IoT applications on the way, gaining crucial software domain skills. The facilitators ensured each participant had the support they needed, making the learning experience both enriching and enjoyable. As the event wrapped up, participants expressed their happiness with all the useful things they learned during these two days

In Summary Participants of the API Development & React JS Fundamentals Training departed with a solid grasp of React JS fundamentals, the ability to build RESTful APIs, and a deeper understanding of web development. The SEEE Software Community’s dedication and expertise made this training a resounding success, paving the way for further exploration and growth in the field of Web-App development.

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