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About Us

Society of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

Society of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (SEEE) representing the student of electrical and electronics department was established in 2000 AD, involved in improving learning environment and the welfare of the students. It conducts social welfare activities and helps improve interaction among students at the department. Electrical and Electronics Project Exhibition (EEPEx) is one of the programs organized by annual program organized by SEEE. 


EEPEx is a platform to showcase the projects and prototype ideas that the students of the electrical and electronics department from different levels as a part of their yearly curriculum. However, without undermining the fact that these annual projects meant so much more than just a basis of a yearly evaluation, the idea of exhibiting these great pieces of innovation was put forward. It is something that the students have developed applying the knowledge that they have acquired through hours of lectures and from pages of books molded into their projects to be showcased as an applicable scientific innovation and a sigh of bliss for the society.