Hall of Fame Award To Samip Aryal

Picture: Mr. Samip Aryal

Samip Aryal, an Electrical and Electronics (communication) engineering student from 3rd year at department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering has been listed in the Meta Whitehat ‘Hall of Fame’ where he has globally topped the list. Meta (Facebook) including other tech giants recognize and provide special gratitude to Security Researchers from global scenario who help them secure their sites and systems for finding meaningful security loopholes, with a permanent Hall of Fame list. In this year of 2024, Samip has topped the list where he was able to stand out to the 1st rank globally; after finding ‘Account Takeover’, one of the most prioritized vulnerabilities in the platform. He found a loophole in Facebook which enabled him to access anyone’s Facebook account in the world in case if the vulnerability was exploited. He made a responsible vulnerability disclosure to Facebook’s Security team thus was rewarded with a bounty as well. We extend our heartfelt congratulations to Samip Aryal for this remarkable achievement, which not only transcends borders but also brings great pride to the department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Kathmandu University.

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