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Society of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

Kathmandu University

What is SEEE?

Society of Electrical and Electronics Engineers was established in 2000 AD. SEEE is involved in improving learning environment and the welfare of the students in the department. Being a multidisciplinary club it not only focuses on the topic related to Electrical and Electronics but also conducts social welfare activities and helps improve interaction among students at the department.

Creative Room

SEEE provides the creative room in the building of TTL, Kathmandu University where students can enjoy there free time reading various books available there, surf internet, create something related to Electrical and Electronics

Multi Disciplinary

SEEE not only focus on the particular field of Electrical and Electronics but also organizes various events such as indoor games, community help (on schedule) so that members gets to feel the multi disciplinary approach.


Since SEEE has the members from all level, it will help the members to easily be in touch with seniors for the educational as well as other purposes.

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Encipher 2023

Vacant Posts available for interested students to work as a team.  Apply before 26th November 2022 to be a part of team.

EEPEx - 22


Electrical and Electronics Project Exhibition (EEPEx) is organized by SEEE every year at Kathmandu University where students of the department of all level participate. EEPEx-22 was held on September 15 & 16.


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Room No. 308, Block 08, Kathmandu University

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