Faculties & Staff Profile

Head of Department

Interests: Analog Circuits, Memristors, Neural Network


Interests: Signal Processing, Optical Communication, Energy Systems, Education and Research Management

Associate Professors

Interests: Power system and Renewable Energy

Interests: Renewable and Sustainable Energy Systems

Assistant Professors

Associate Director

Interests: Illumination engineering and Energy Efficient use of Lighting, Industrial automation and Control System

Interests: Signal Processing and Clean Energies

Associate Director
Directorate of AESA

Interests: Ultra Wideband Communication, Multiple Antenna System, Beam Forming

Interests: Wireless Sensor Network, IOT, Ad-hoc Networks and Cellular System

Faculty Advisor, SEEE

Interests: Mac layer protocol design, Self organizing network, MIMO, High efficiency network, Smart grid and IOT

UNG Program Co-ordinator (Communication)

Interests: Optical fiber communication and Wireless communication

UNG Program Co-ordinator (Power & Control)

Interests: Power Market, Energy System Planning and Operation

Graduate Program

Interests: Electricity Demand Forecasting, Smart-grid and IOT

On Study Leave

Interests: 3D model Development, VFX Wireless Channel Modeling and Interference Management of Wireless Channel

Interests: Power system dynamics and stability, Applied mathematics for power systems, Machine learning and Optimization

Interests: Condition Monitoring, Grid Reinforcement, Electromagnetic and Thermal Modeling/Design, EVs

Sujan Adhikari



Interests: Lighting systems, Instrumentation & project management

Interests: Distributed Generation, Renewable Energy, Power System Stability


Sunita Thapa

Technical Support Staff

Uttam Adhikari

Technical Support Staff

Shakul Dhakal

Senior Administrative Staff

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