Tenure Ends 2023/24 Term

In 2nd Annual General Meeting, the Society of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (SEEE) bid farewell to its outgoing executives, acknowledging their dedicated service and handovered club to upcoming president for the term 2023/24. With gratitude and appreciation, SEEE recognized the contributions of the departing executives:

  • President: Aysuh Marasini
  • Vice-President: Kabir Rajbanshi
  • Secretary: Bibhuti Bhandari
  • Treasurer: Shreeju Manandhar
  • Chief Editor: Samip Aryal
  • Executive Members: Avyuthan Shah, Samyam Shrestha, Subrat Kumar Karna, Dipti Pandey, and Saujan Prakash Niraula
  • Sports Coordinator: Adril Thapa
  • Sports Vice Coordinator: Shishir Kumar Bhattarai
  • Software Community Coordinator: Siddhartha Ghimire
  • Software Community Vice Coordinator: Sameer Subedi
  • Hardware Community Coordinator: Madhuraman Dhungana
  • Hardware Community Vice Coordinator: Shreejan Dahal
  • Entrepreneurship & Outreach Coordinator: Sarthak Ghimire
  • Entrepreneurship & Outreach Vice Coordinator: Niranjan Luitel


These individuals have played pivotal roles in advancing SEEE’s mission of promoting academic excellence, fostering professional development, and engaging with the community. Their tireless efforts have enriched the SEEE experience for members and stakeholders alike.

As a token of gratitude, SEEE presented each outgoing executive with heartfelt tokens of appreciation during the AGM , held at Multipurppose Hall on April 23. The event was attended by members  and distinguished guests, who joined in expressing their gratitude for the outgoing leadership team’s dedication and commitment.

Following the farewell ceremony, Mr. Ayush Marasini handovered the club to upcoming President Mr. Kabir Rajbanshi. 

SEEE will soon publish its annual report in official website. 


Society of Electrical and Electronics Engineers – SEEE invites Expression of Interest (EOI) from its general members who are interested for listed post below for new Executive Committee for academic year 2024/25. Interested members can fill-out the online form.